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Dewalt Router Kit Description & Reviews



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Product Description

Once in a while, we come across a tool that just makes us want to shut down the computer and hit the shop with renewed passion---and this is one of those tools. DeWalt has made such a fine router to begin with, but to package it with the bases you'd find yourself wanting later is a great move. The router itself has a super-smooth variable speed 2-1/4 -orsepower motor with a load range of 8,000 to 24,000 rpm and soft-start for virtually no twist. Kudos to DeWalt for giving this model a flat top and not the scalloped edge we've seen on their models before; this makes bit-changing a much better experience. For table use, the fixed base can't be beat. For freehand use, the D-handle offers unparalleled control and comfort. And of course, the plunge base is essential in any workshop, but we like this one for its integrated in-column dust removal (and it really works). An adjustable turret is great for repetitive work, and this turret's got five positions. We also like the placement of the plunge lock, right where you want it. For novice router-users, this is the perfect purchase; if you've been around the collet a few times, you still can't do better than this.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste
From the Manufacturer
New from DEWALT, this unique new router kit includes a powerful 12 AMP motor can, a fixed base, plunge base and d-handle base to accommodate all user needs in a wide variety of routing applications. The unit provides constant speed under load from 8,000-24,000 rpm and soft start to rout through the hardest materials. The fixed base features the micro-fine depth adjustment ring that moves in 1/64-inch increments. Adjustable tool-free motor cam locks provide easy base changes from fixed to plunge to d-handle. Plunge base features integral through the column dust collection, machined brass bushings and case hardened steel guide rods for a smooth and accurate plunge stroke. Die-cast aluminum bases, nickel-plated die-cast aluminum motor housing, detachable cordset, dust sealed switch, and Lexan sub-bases enhance durability. This kit includes fixed base router, plunge base, d-handle base, 1/4- and 1/2-inch collets, two wrenches, concentricity gauge to ensure bit to sub-base centering, vacuum adapter, and kitbox.

Product Reviews

nice features, ease of use, ready for inlay, and dovetails.., December 4, 2003
Reviewer: Paul Castaneda

I purchased this router set to do inlay work and use on the dovetail machine. I wanted to keep my bosch under the table so I did not have to pull it out all the time (by the way the bosch is a nice machine too!).
The Pros
1.) The bases on all three are narrow enough to hold brass bushings to follow templates and it was a snap to start the dovetailing like I wanted. It does have soft start like the bosch.

2.) The D handle is nice too I use that the most. I have had some trouble with the bit coming lose on the 1/4" shank but only because I did not tighten it good from the excitement of having a new tool (no harm done).

3.)It does have variable speed which I love to control on various hardwoods.

4.)The other feature I like are the cord connectors which have their own plugs and are easy to connect. The ends of the cord twist and latch so you know they're in place.

5.)The plunge base has a vaccum port on one of the shafts that I have yet to use.

6.)The dial on the router bases are smooth and raises and lowers the motor with precision and locks tight.

The cons:

1. When routing some stock you can really see the coils and bushings wind up the eletricity through the top vents which is normal but can be distracting, I'll get use to it

2.I like the one wrench bit removal with the push pin to hold the collet in place, but it takes some practice. (No more loose bits!)

Overall the machine is excellent and I am happy with the purchase and performance. The cons are very minor. I would have to choose this machine over the bosch if it were my only router because of how veritile it is (dovetail & inlay bushing bases, three bases, vaccum attachment, and variable speed) but what serious woodworker can only get away with one router? Oh yeah, and I did get the free bits......nice too. 

Great tool DeWalt!!!, February 18, 2004
Reviewer: A home improvement enthusiast
Well, this is my first "yellow" tool. I am a "blue" tool guy but I did not like some of the features on the new Makita routers, they are excellent tools with rave reviews but I did not like the entire motor turning when you adjust the depth. The problem was also compounded that nobody made a D-handle, plunge combo kit. I handled them all, every top name in the business. I took a look at the Dewalt 3piece combo and fell in love with it. It's a very well thought out system. Plus it's the only router brand that I know of that includes all three bases in one kit.
Smooth Power, Soft start, very quiet for a router.
Three bases with great ergo design.
Awesome depth adjustment, motor does not twist.
Power cords are detachable.
Easy snap in and out bases.
Spindle lock.
Great value, D-handle base only costs you about 40 bucks with the three piece kit, retail is about $90!!
Fixed base in the router table, D-handle and plunge for freehand work, what else could you want?
Operate the power switch with your thumb without taking your hands off the router on the fixed base and plunge, not an issue with the d-handle.

None, well ok, for you really picky people the case is larger than other routers, but remember there are three bases in there.

I did originally purchase the Milwaukee Body grip and loved it before I picked up the DeWalt. The ONLY reason I did not keep it was because I wanted a plunge base and the "red" company does not make a PB for the 5616. I did not want to spend another $200 on a plunge router, and still not have the D-handle option. This is my first router and I could not think of a better kit for the DIY homeowner to have.

Review of Dewalt Router , March 15, 2006
Reviewer: Robert L. Woolwich

The Absolute best router I have ever owned . Easy to use and precise cutting. Very well Balanced

Well worth the great price, March 9, 2006
Reviewer: Robert Putt

Very versitle tool with plenty of power at a great price. Each of the base holders have good balance and feel, powered by a very smooth and quite motor.

Speed control collar broke after an hour!, February 19, 2006
Reviewer: Stephan Bour

I had the same experience as Donna M. Freeth below. Something came loose inside the motor and the motor revolutions increased to frightening speed. I opened the yellow top and discovered 3 pieces of what used to be a black ring. I'm pretty sure it's the variable speed control for the motor because it sits right below the top bearing and in front of the speed control module. So much for buying quality for peace of mind!

     I worked in construction for 38  years installing Linoleum Floors, Formica Counter Tops, Ceramic Tile and lots and lots of Carpenter Work.  Now that I have put in my time at the trades I am selling tools because I believe after all the years using them, I am qualified to guide you in finding the right tool for the job.  -  Just for fun here's a picture of a couple of my trucks from my Floor Covering business, also a picture of my garage and my little dog called Marbles.  -  I will post notes here and there throughout the web site on tools and things that I think are important and/or solve problems, based on my experience.  -  When I was young it seemed impossible to finish a job successfully because there would be a part that just couldn't be done.  Later I discovered that when you have all the tools for the job the most difficult project goes smoothly.  -  Also lets face it, having a good set of tools is one of life's greatest pleasures.  Not only that but it is a great boost to your ego when you receive complements a job you have done.
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