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Product Description

Amazon.com Review
From the moment you get your hands on it, you'll appreciate the quality of this router. The handles offer total comfort and confidence as you guide this 11-1/4-pound beauty around. Its soft start means no jerking, even when you start it at its peak speed of 22,000 rpm (its bottom range is 8,000 rpm). The 15 amp motor is quieter than you'd expect in a router this size, and the rack-and-pinion depth adjustment DeWalt is known and loved for comes equipped with a magnified scale and a micro fine-adjustment knob. The plunge mechanism is smooth as silk--better than on routers twice the price--and it would serve perfectly in a table or for freehand work. The 625 comes with 1/2- and 1/4-inch collets, and when it's time to change the bit, you'll really appreciate the spindle-lock button; it's a big square with a finger depression, unlike most other routers that offer either two wrenches to wrestle with or a small, sharp spindle-lock pin that leaves a red dent in your finger. Other nice features: one side of the base is rounded and one is flat, and it comes with a dust-extraction adapter. This piece of machinery truly is as close to flawless as a router can get. --Kris Jensen-Van Heste
Product Description
,Includes two collets - 1/4" and 1/2" ,Micro-fine depth adjustment ,Spindle local button ,Electronic variable speed 8,000-22,000 RPM ,15.0 Amps ,Weighs 11.25 lbs.

Product Reviews

 Love the power!, December 2, 2000
Reviewer: Ken Ewald
Anyone using this router to do hand held plunge routing better have a strong grip! It's powerful. Even with the soft-start technology, the torque is amazing.
The dust collection attachment worked great until it broke. I see why it's made of clear plastic, to enable viewing the bit at work, but it sure breaks easily, and I haven't found a glue that will repair it permanently. So, I'm now thinking about adding the 621 - 2hp unit to my collection because of it's built in dust collection system. DeWalt should do something similar to the 625.

Good, but limited, May 13, 2002
Reviewer: W Ferris
I've had my DW625 about a year. I bought it because it was going to be my only router. I wanted a machine that was capable of doing just about everything a router should be capable of. Unfortunately, for me, the router is something of a mixed bag.
I am not at all disappointed with the power or handling characteristics considering the size of the machine. The 3hp motor effetely drives large bits. The low centre of gravity makes this big machine relatively easy to handle compared to other 3hp routers and the plunge action is very smooth. The on/off switch is convenient, although a switch which turns the machine off when released would be far safer. The plunge lock mechanism can be somewhat difficult to use for someone with smallish hands (for a guy), but I'm now used to it. The soft start and electronic control means that you don't get that jump when starting up and you get an even cut under varying loads. However, it's use under a router table can be rather frustrating.

I have made my own table with a 6mm (~1/4") supported acrylic surface. It's simple and should work well with the 625, especially with the fine adjuster, made for when the router is table mounted. However, even at 6mm the router cannot push the bits high enough at times. This is incredibly frustrating and it's tempting to overextend the bits in the collet, which isn't good for the collet, the bits or for safety. Using a 4mm slot cutter on multiple repeat pieces should be a breeze if you use a table with stops. Unfortunately my bit, of average length, does not extend far enough using the table due to the inadequate travel of the 625. Cutting 24 identical pieces topside then becomes infuriating.

I also recently wanted to do some template work. Most template guide adverts, including those shown here, say that the universal 1 3/16" template guides fit DeWalt routers with an adapter. I live in Cape Town and have been in touch with the local dealer and emailed DW in the USA, asking where I can get an adapter. So far, after numerous attempts to get an answer from DW, I have yet to receive a reply from the USA and the importers of DW here cannot get an answer from the UK. Getting good service with courtesy should be a consideration when buying anything. Lack of after-sales service would seriously make me consider options other than DeWalt should I be in market for a new router.

Overall I like the DW625, but it has serious limitations with regards to table mounting and using template guides.

Router Purchase, March 8, 2006
Reviewer: Robert King

I will say this router has plenty of power for woodworking, but I am in the solid surface market, and it works good with smaller bits, but the big bits, it seems a little under powered. All in all the plunge works good, and I like the design of the switch. I just wish they made a 3 1/2 hp.

I just ordered the Festool 2000 to replace it.

Very Disappointed, February 10, 2006
Reviewer: D. R. Lund "av8"

I was pleased with the quick shipping of this router - received it just a couple days after placing my order on Amazon.

However, the first time I used the router, it worked for less than a minute, cut in and out several times and then quit working altogether.

I took it to DeWalt's Factory Store/Repair Center in the Chicago area. They tell me they are "backed up" and it will be at least 2 weeks before they can repair the router.

I have a number of other DeWalt machines (planer, compound sliding miter saw and portable table saw). This is the first one to give me any problems - hope it isn't a design flaw.

My thoughts, September 7, 2005
Reviewer: G. A. Baumchen

One major problem with this router is the lack of a 'Dead Man Switch' which could allow the motor to turn off when the switch is released. This item has a VERY cumbersome ON-OFF switch; very difficult to operate. I find it hard to imagine that anyone would make such an item with this type of switch.

Best i ever bought, July 25, 2005
Reviewer: C. Alexander

Perfect balance, power and accuracy - the best around.

p.s. its made in Italy...not Taiwan.


     I worked in construction for 38  years installing Linoleum Floors, Formica Counter Tops, Ceramic Tile and lots and lots of Carpenter Work.  Now that I have put in my time at the trades I am selling tools because I believe after all the years using them, I am qualified to guide you in finding the right tool for the job.  -  Just for fun here's a picture of a couple of my trucks from my Floor Covering business, also a picture of my garage and my little dog called Marbles.  -  I will post notes here and there throughout the web site on tools and things that I think are important and/or solve problems, based on my experience.  -  When I was young it seemed impossible to finish a job successfully because there would be a part that just couldn't be done.  Later I discovered that when you have all the tools for the job the most difficult project goes smoothly.  -  Also lets face it, having a good set of tools is one of life's greatest pleasures.  Not only that but it is a great boost to your ego when you receive complements a job you have done.
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