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Dewalt Plate Joiner Tool Description & Reviews



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Product Description

Amazon.com Review
One of the first companies to design plate joiners, DeWalt makes one powerful slot-cutting tool. Some people argue that joiners are joiners, and while it's true that a slot is a slot, how you cut it makes a heck of a lot of difference. What impresses us about DeWalt's plate joiner is the stout, dual rack-and-pinion fence. Operating with striking smoothness, the fence locks tightly in place and ensures that the joiner's blade and fence are always parallel--which means accurate joints every time. The DeWalt is also the only plate joiner on the market with a fully adjustable tilt fence: the face plate tilts 0 to 90 degrees, so you can join work at whatever angle the job requires (22-1/2 degrees, say, if you're working in octagons). Cabinetmakers will appreciate the convenience of being able to make flush cuts at 0 degrees without having to remove the fence. The 6-1/2 amp motor spins the tool's carbide blade at 10,000 rpm, making remarkably quick, clean cuts. We found the gauges easy to read and easy to set, a big plus (there's nothing worse than wrestling with or squinting at a tool every time you make adjustments). DeWalt's joiner also has preset stops for all common biscuit sizes and there's a handy vacuum adapter that allows you to hook up suction to keep dust in the shop to a minimum--always a good idea. --Jon Groebner
Product Description
,Kit includes plate joiner, 6T carbide blade, dust bag, dust deflector, vacuum adapter ,Torx screwdriver, wrench and heavy duty plastic carrying case ,6.5 Amps ,Weighs 6.6 lbs.

Product Reviews

A Great Value, February 12, 2000
Reviewer: Beau Considine
First, the rack & pinion design of the fence makes this a very stable and accurate tool. It is powerful and the grip and switch location is convenient. When used without the vacuum attachment, this machince shoots the chips right at the operator. However I always use a vacuum attachment because I don't like having all those chips all over the shop anyway, so this is not a serious draw back. The Porter Cable which is priced competitively offer a smaller blade option for face frame construction but the handle is awkward and the fence is sloppy. This tool works great. It is accurate, dependable and easy to use. You could buy a more expensive tool and get a greater degree of refinement but if all you want is a dependable tool that does its job well. I recommend this. If you cut biscuit joints all day long you may want a quieter tool. If you only make a few pieces of furniture at a time, you will be probably be glad you saved the money. 

Jekyll and Hyde?, May 2, 2000
Reviewer: "salvorhardin"
I read a couple of negative reviews here of this tool, and Ican only conclude that they did not buy the same machine I did. Ibought mine when they first came out (five years ago?).... Everything was square and true right out of the box.
Since I wear hearing protection with ALL power tools I cannot comment on how loud it is. (My ears don't ring all the time, either.) The dust bag, as is usual with all dust bags, doesn't work and I haven't used it since the first try. The shop vac does the trick.

It has worked flawlessly on everything from positioning slats in a headboard (OK, I could have used mortise-and-tenon joints, but there were a LOT of slats) to attaching edging to plywood, to table-top glue-ups. The only biscuit failure I've had was when I tried to use it to attach the aprons to the legs on a children's play table. Some places NEED better joinery!

I am a little confused about the other reviews talking about the machine dumping dust on your feet. Mine has a swiveling plastic nozzle that I direct to the side when I cut without the vac. It seems to work fine. Have they changed this design lately?

... it, it seems like a bargain. The Lamello is unbelievably expensive (at least for a hobbyist), the Porter-Cable seems like a nice tool (that I have not tried yet), but the DeWalt seems like the value champ.

Fence adjustment, December 16, 2005
Reviewer: Jan M. Graaf (San Antonio,TX) - See all my reviews

Received DW682 two days ago.
Used the bottom plate shoe to cut slots for standard 3/4 " thick material. Perfect! This morning I changed to fence operation for 1" thick wood and found misalignment of 1/32" in height, edge to edge. Earlier reviewer stated that fence is adjustable by resetting two screws.
My DW682 has two flat-head Torx screws (countersink)that secure the fence to the protractor piece only for angle adjustments.
The fence swivels on two fixed pins that are drifted into the aluminum cast assembly. There is no adjustment. Repeat, no adjustment. This misalignment causes the biscuits to insert not parallel to the edge, eliminating any possible "tuning" adjustment prior to clamping.
To get the face parallel to the plate cutter and shoe, nothing short of grinding a new angle on the face plate will fix this problem. I will be visiting DeWalt factory service first thing on Monday.

DW682k is a great tool, September 20, 2005
Reviewer: L. Schmidt

This plate joiner is really easy to use. It's really nice for joining raised panels, they come out flush everytime. Great for assemblying face frames and for aligning them on the cabinets too. Dust collection is very good if you take it slow, but if you're in a hurry you'll need to hook up a vacum as the nozzle will clog. With a vacum there is little or no dust. As with all Dewalt tools I own it's a winner and well made to last.

needed adjusting, July 14, 2005
Reviewer: Joel A. Loeffler "joel"

When I got the tool, the fence was not alligned with the blade. The slots on material would not line up parallel, and did not fit well. The fence is attached with two screws, and is movable. Other machines (I also have a Makita) use a design with two machined, parallel surfaces, and this is not a problem. With the Dewalt, it is. After aligning the fence, the machine works, but out of the factory, it was not even close.

     I worked in construction for 38  years installing Linoleum Floors, Formica Counter Tops, Ceramic Tile and lots and lots of Carpenter Work.  Now that I have put in my time at the trades I am selling tools because I believe after all the years using them, I am qualified to guide you in finding the right tool for the job.  -  Just for fun here's a picture of a couple of my trucks from my Floor Covering business, also a picture of my garage and my little dog called Marbles.  -  I will post notes here and there throughout the web site on tools and things that I think are important and/or solve problems, based on my experience.  -  When I was young it seemed impossible to finish a job successfully because there would be a part that just couldn't be done.  Later I discovered that when you have all the tools for the job the most difficult project goes smoothly.  -  Also lets face it, having a good set of tools is one of life's greatest pleasures.  Not only that but it is a great boost to your ego when you receive complements a job you have done.
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