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Dewalt Cordless Drill/Driver Description & Reviews



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Product Description

You need power, but you don’t want to hoist a ton. Here’s the answer. DeWalt’s revamped 18-volt compact drill/driver delivers on both counts, with a 1/2-inch chuck that grips beefy bits, an 18-position adjustable clutch, and a high-performance motor for the torque you need, packaged in a truly lightweight, comfortable drill. The variable speed has a high and low range for any application, and the reverse switch is right above the curved trigger for easy access. The included charger juices up a spent battery in an hour. We especially like the light weight, even more so because it doesn’t cost in the power department. Lots of pluses: on-board bit storage, two batteries, hard case. We think contractors will be pleased with this drill, especially after a long day.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste
Product Description
18V, 1/2-In., Cordless Compact Drill/Driver Kit, Delivers 400 INLB Of Maximum Torque, Built With 1/2-In. Keyless Ratcheting Chuck, All Metal Planetary Gears, Includes 2 -In.XR-In. Battery Packs, Charger & Kit Box.

Product Reviews

Four Years' Tough, January 23, 2004
Reviewer: Richard Hayhoe "Rick"

I have two of these drills. Have used one or the other of them daily for three years this month. About time for a review. They are tough. I do not understand the comments about weak chucks or, in other places, about battery problems. My drills, their batteries and chargers have performed, as I say, on a daily basis for three years under all kinds of conditions and some very hard use without so much as a glitch. They have tremendous torque and staying power under continuous use. If you are going to shoot large screws or drive a big bit rapidly into very hard or though wood, brace the drill-driver's grip, battery end against your knee or thigh before you squeeze the trigger. You will have fewer wrist problems if you do--it has that kind of torque. Regarding one complaint, I would not use this driver with tiny drill bits; it just is not intended for that. It defies logic to do so. What it will do is take the heaviest work and drive large bits and sink big screws all day and just keep on going. An example: In the intense, 100 degree plus heat of one summer, two carpenter friends and I laid a 1700 sq foot subfloor of 2X6 T&G over 16" OC joists with two 3-1/2 inch screws to the joist, working as fast as we could all day for what seems now like several days. The wood was very tough, dense struc select Doug fir. When my two friends' drivers, one a Makita and one a Hitachi, got hot as pistols or their batteries needed recharging, whichever of the DeWalts I happened to be using could keep right on going. I would lend the other DeWalt to either guy while his driver recovered. I smoked those batteries, but by following the right charging procedures never had a failure. They both still take deep cycle charges and hold them well, after three years of hard use. One took a fourteen foot fall off a roof while mounted to another DeWalt tool, the battery taking the full impact on tamped crushed rock, and it still works as well as the others. Just read the instructions and you will not have trouble with the batteries. Quick charge when you have to, but balance that with long charges from a low state over the weekends. Never use the batteries while they are still warm or hot out of the charger, do not run them out completely--just nearly so, and do not repeatedly shallow charge them. Nicads will not last long with that kind of treatment. They take a "set" and will not charge deeply afterward. As for weak chucks, well, one incident does not make them all that way. When my drywall zipgun stripped its chuck, I picked up one of my DeWalt 18V drill-drivers and kept on going--for over 300 sheets of 1/2 and 5/8 inch drywall. The clutch and speed mechanisms work well enough that I had good control and could hang drywall almost as fast as with the zipgun. One caution regarding the clutches on these brutes: they require breaking in; don't be upset if they are hard to use at first. You can see from this what DeWalt 18V drill-drivers have done and can do, and still I have not had the slightest problem, though they look pretty beat up now. I do not think a single work day has passed in which I have not used one of the two. Now I have a whole lot of DeWalt HD 18V tools, because these two drill-drivers performed so well I was not afraid to buy into a lot of tools in the same line. I have had no trouble with any of them. You never lose them, either; that DeWalt yellow shouts at you from across the room, across the lot or from under a pile of tools and offcuts. When these go, I will buy more.

Great drill/driver, May 11, 2004
Reviewer: Sammy G. Duncan

I have had this drill for about six months and am very happy with it. I am a homeowner so I can't speak as to how this drill would function during all day use. For projects around my house it has plenty of power although, like every other cordless tool I have used, it needs a little more time drilling/driving through hard wood. If I want to drill through something thick and tough, I used a beefier corded drill. So far, I have not noticed any of the battery life problems discussed by other reviewers.
I picked up a set of the Dewalt hex shank bits and have not noticed any slippage. The only time I have had a complaint with the drill was while using a hole saw to install locksets in two doors. Of the four holes, the bit slipped out of the chuck two times. Once I reinserted the hole saw it went right on through the door. I don't know if I didn't get the chuck tight enough or if the chuck just prefers the hex shank bits.

All in all a great drill. I can't imagine ever installing curtain rods, assembling bookcases, etc. with a corded drill and/or screwdriver again!

ALL BARK AND NO bite..., March 9, 2006
Reviewer: M. van Pelt "DRUG PRO" (NEW JERSEY) - See all my reviews

Drill endurance is terrible. 5 year old Panasonic 15.6 volt and 3 year old Ryobi 18 volt beat it up everyday. Protocol is 3 battery swaps in an 8 hour work day. It's only 6 months old. Bottom line, A RYOBI OUT-PERFORMS IT! My co-worker calls it a yellow Ryobi and laughs at me everytime it dies in action.
I will continue to use it because it cost 199 dollars and I cannot afford to try my luck with something else right now. Service center was dissapointing as there is no recourse for a sub par product. You live, you learn.

Made My Husband a Happy Man!, March 6, 2006
Reviewer: Houston96
I got this for my husband's birthday and he was thrilled. The first time he used it, he was helping our neighbor drill out some stumps and he said the torque was so strong it nearly ripped off his arm. (Slight exaggeration there, I hope.) Anyway. He loves it and highly recommends it.

great tool - money well spent, February 5, 2006
Reviewer: Ben Strand "Ben"
I have had all varietys of cordless drills some more expensive and some cheaper. This is the best one I have purchased yet. Charges quick so as not to leave you with downtime. Use it Daily and love it.

     I worked in construction for 38  years installing Linoleum Floors, Formica Counter Tops, Ceramic Tile and lots and lots of Carpenter Work.  Now that I have put in my time at the trades I am selling tools because I believe after all the years using them, I am qualified to guide you in finding the right tool for the job.  -  Just for fun here's a picture of a couple of my trucks from my Floor Covering business, also a picture of my garage and my little dog called Marbles.  -  I will post notes here and there throughout the web site on tools and things that I think are important and/or solve problems, based on my experience.  -  When I was young it seemed impossible to finish a job successfully because there would be a part that just couldn't be done.  Later I discovered that when you have all the tools for the job the most difficult project goes smoothly.  -  Also lets face it, having a good set of tools is one of life's greatest pleasures.  Not only that but it is a great boost to your ego when you receive complements a job you have done.
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