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Product Description

From the Manufacturer
With its compact size and spirited performance, the 1.0 HP Colt Palm Router from Bosch is a very versatile tool. It's not just a laminate trimmer, but is ideal for trimming deck planks, hinge mortising, edge forming, slot cutting, dovetailing, window cutouts and decorative inlays. The PR20EVSK Variable-speed Colt¿ Kit has a palm-grip design with Soft Grip to make it the most comfortable router in its class, yet it also has enough power to do the job and is more comfortable and easy to use than larger routers. The Softstart¿ reduces start-up torque while the Bosch Constant Response¿ Circuitry monitors and maintains speed under load for consistent performance and overload protection. Easily move the motor from base to base with the Quick-clamp System to work on other areas of your project. A convenient Front Spindle Lock on the motor was designed for easy, one-wrench bit changes. Bosch even covered the small details by angling the cord to help keep it out of the way. The contents of this kit make it ideal for all router users.

Product Description
1.0 HP - Highest rating among small routers * Great for trimming deck planks, hinge mortising, edge forming, slot cutting, dovetailing, window cutouts, decorative inlays, laminate trimming & more. * Power & precision in the palm of your hand - Features: 1.0 HP (Max. Tool Output) 5.7-Amp. Motor, 16,000 - 35,000 RPM * Rugged Aluminum Fixed Base Durable, solid & precise * Fast & Precise Depth Adjustment System Allows both macro & micro adjustment * Unique Finger Support Pockets For additional stability, especially when trimming edges * Enhanced Bit Capacity Fixed Base accepts bits up to 1-5/16' in diameter * Softstart Reduces start-up torque * Constant Response Circuitry Monitors & maintains speed under load for consistent performance & provides overload protection * Convenient Front Spindle Lock on Motor For easy, one-wrench bit changes * Quick-clamp System Allows motor to be easily adjusted or moved from base to base * Palm-grip design w/ Soft Grip The most comfortable router in its class. * Angled cord exit Helps keep cord out of the way - Includes: Straight Edge Guide #PR002 * Carrying Case * Variable-speed Motor * Fixed Base #PR001 * 1/4' Self-Releasing Collet * Drop-forged Wrench - Specifications: Model Number: PR20EVSK, Amperage: 5.7, Max. Motor HP: 1 HP, Collet Capacity: 1/4', No Load RPM: 16,000 - 35,000, Base Opening: 1-9/16', Plunge Depth: 1-3/16', Weight (Lbs.): 3.3, Engineering Number: 060160A710, Height: 7.5'.

Product Reviews


Wonderful Tool - Must Buy, February 8, 2006
Reviewer: Alan Dale Daniel

I have been using my new Colt router for a month now and it is a wonderful addition to my shop. I have a large bench mounted router, but this tool is now being used more often than the more powerful cousin. It is so easy to route edges, especailly for rounding over or using the flush cut router bit. Put the box or other item you want to rout on a pad made for holding the work and just cut away. The Colt is very easy to control.

Making hinge morteses is a snap because the router doesn't grab or try to move off track. You can use the edge guide to help you make the mortese straight. All of the cutting so far has been in red oak and oak vineer plywood. It performs well in both.

The bits are easy to change, and the depth is easy to set. A well thought out tool and well worth the price. I use it all the time in my shop now. I wouldn't be without it.

Convenience and Time Saving, February 5, 2006
Reviewer: Jason T. Amsden

I bought this little router a couple of months ago and it is very convenient. I just routed some edges on some drawers and it is all very easy and less cumbersome with this tool...almost to the point that I use it when I shouldn't. I routed the edges with the drawers still in the slides. I wish there was an option to get a longer length fence. Keep in mind that the max size bit I have fit into this thing is a 1/2" roundover bit, so it is not a replacement for a "real" router, but I am very glad I bought it.

 Great support for my bench router, January 21, 2006
Reviewer: Wishbone
Using my traditional router for smaller applications was always a challenge as it is a bit awkward and somewhat bulky. As well, I was considering the purchas of a laminate trimmer. Along comes Colt from Bosch and my needs are met -- an easy to manoever router that doubles as a laminate trimmer. Smooth running with variable speed and SoftStart, and along with the single wrench bit fastening it's a pleasure to use. 1hp is enough for smaller applications and I don't have to keep removing and re-installing my old router off/on the table. Solid construction. A great product.

     I worked in construction for 38  years installing Linoleum Floors, Formica Counter Tops, Ceramic Tile and lots and lots of Carpenter Work.  Now that I have put in my time at the trades I am selling tools because I believe after all the years using them, I am qualified to guide you in finding the right tool for the job.  -  Just for fun here's a picture of a couple of my trucks from my Floor Covering business, also a picture of my garage and my little dog called Marbles.  -  I will post notes here and there throughout the web site on tools and things that I think are important and/or solve problems, based on my experience.  -  When I was young it seemed impossible to finish a job successfully because there would be a part that just couldn't be done.  Later I discovered that when you have all the tools for the job the most difficult project goes smoothly.  -  Also lets face it, having a good set of tools is one of life's greatest pleasures.  Not only that but it is a great boost to your ego when you receive complements a job you have done.
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